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Current and Future Research Emphases

1. Division of Basic Chinese Medicine

  1. Study of Chinese medical theories, diagnosis and therapeutics.
  2. Pharmacological study of Chinese medicinal herbs.
  3. Study of herbal safety and the interactions between Chinese herbal and Western medicines.
  4. Other research relevant to basic Chinese medicines.

2. Division of Clinical Chinese Medicine

  1. Evidence-based research on Chinese medicine.
  2. Evaluation of the efficacy of Chinese medicine.
  3. Training and advanced education for professional practitioners of Chinese medicine.
  4. Other research relevant to clinical Chinese medicine.

3. Division of Chinese Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Study of bioactive principles from Chinese herbs.
  2. Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds and analogues.
  3. Standardization study and quality control of Chinese herbs.
  4. Establishment of chemical bank of Chinese herbs.
  5. Other research relevant to Chinese medicinal chemistry.

4. Division of Chinese Materia Medica Development

  1. Research on identification, germplasm preservation and cultivation of Chinese materia medica.
  2. Preparation, exhibition, and application of specimens of Chinese materia medica.
  3. Innovation and improvement of formulation and manufacturing of Chinese materia medica.
  4. Other issues relevant to Chinese materia medica development.

5. Division of Chinese Medicine Literature and Informatics

  1. Investigation, collation, compilation and publication of Chinese medicine history and literature.
  2. Establishment and dissemination of research resources of Chinese medicine.
  3. TEditing and publishing Chinese medicine journals.
  4. International cooperation on Chinese medicine research.
  5. Other research relevant to Chinese medicine literaturet.