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About Us

          Library is located on the fourth and the fifth floor, whose main mission is to provide researchers in the Institute with academic documents and resources they need. Meanwhile, through the inter-library cooperation and the method to share mutual resources, the Library also provides service to the readers outside of the Institute. In the Library there are documents in Chinese (both of mainland and Taiwan), European and Japanese languages. The primary collections in the Library are about Chinese medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, pharmaceutical chemistry and clinic Chinese medicine. Presently, there are more than 4400 different kinds of print and electronic periodicals and more than 11000 books. The Library also subscribes thousands of full-context electronic periodicals for our user.

          The Library in also responsible to gather and compile information and documents for research on Chinese medicine, to dedicate short essays on new discoveries on Chinese medicine, to compile documents on commonly used Chinese medicine, and to publish books and articles related with Chinese medicine. In addition to publish academic periodical “Journal of Chinese Medicine”, the Library also edits “Annual Research Report”, issues booklet or multimedia publications, and maintains and renews the website for the Institute. The Library website has life-long self-educating internet learning materials and document searching system for Chinese medicine that is maintained by the Library. The Library proceed to set up the Integrated E-resources Metasearch and the Institutional Repository.


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